Who is Angelo?

Angelo is a Libertarian activist, podcaster and member of the LPNY State Committee. His journey to libertarianism began when he was a teenager by helping out the Suffolk County GOP in New York through canvassing efforts. While in high school, he took numerous political and law classes, some of which were collegiate level courses. After high school he went on to pursue a BS in Political Science, which didn't work out due to several unforeseen circumstances at the college he attended. He still had a passion for politics but decided to pursue a career in aviation as a helicopter pilot instead of going to another college. While training at flight school, he would often research about politics on his free time. In 2019, he officially switched his party registration from Republican to Libertarian after witnessing the abysmal leadership of then-President Trump and the lack of backbones in the GOP as a whole. Things changed in 2020 when we experienced the greatest attacks on our civil liberties in US history. From Covid lockdowns to the 'summer of love' to the very questionable election outcome, he felt it was time to speak up. As simple as it was, he started a YouTube channel and began posting videos explaining the Libertarian solutions to the problems that we are, and have, been facing. From there he began to work with Young Americans for Liberty to help elect liberty candidates to state legislatures and to pass liberty legislation. Angelo had studied the philosophy, brought awareness to the seriousness of the issues we are facing, and is working on the ground to make liberty tangible for people in our lifetime.