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Gun Control Helps Criminals and Police Officers Won't Save You

Angelo Veltri | Monday, 6/13/2022

If you are a libertarian, then you understand the necessity of the 2nd Amendment and the ability to exercise that right. Being from New York, I have lived my entire life around gun-free zones. Schools, parks, stores, stadiums, and basically any other place you can think of, you could not carry in. Our wonderful, elected leaders in Albany throughout the years have implemented some of the strictest gun laws in the whole country. Yet nearly every weekend there's more violence, more shootings, and more death in our streets. Every politician who has been elected to serve in the NYS government has been asked how they will deal with crime, and each have given their own answer. But where is the action? They know they are helpless against fighting crime while their pockets are being lined by donors' money who would like them to pursue other interests, or worse, allow the violent crime to continue on. They will certainly let crime rage on in the streets, after all they have their own personal protection and won't be subject to such violence.

On top of all that, now we have to deal with police officers who don't want to do their job. What happened in Uvalde, TX is an absolute tragedy, due in part to the incompetence and inaction of the Uvalde Police Department. Not only did they not do a single thing to stop the shooting, but they also actively gave the shooter more time to kill more students and staff by preventing parents from entering the school themselves to stop the killer. The police even went as far to tackle and handcuff parents that were trying to save their children's lives. Something that people should understand after witnessing that is the fact that police officers have no sworn duty to protect you, they have a sworn duty to uphold the law. It does not matter if there is an emergency or not, they will prevent you from doing the right thing if they are instructed to do so.

Additionally, they are sending police into the wrong situations and recently came out saying they would be continuing the war on cannabis even though it has been legalized state-wide. The fight against 'illegal cannabis' will be as much of a failure now as it has been in past years. Between the corruption, the magnitude of crimes, the strict and ever-continuing list gun control laws, and the failed implementation of cashless bail, New York has become one of the most dangerous states in the US.

So, crime is rising, and the cops won't save us, then what should we do? The only logical decision is to arm yourself. You will always and forever be your best source of protection, and restrictive gun laws do nothing but stop you from being able to defend yourself and your family. That is why we must fight tooth and nail to ensure that our 2nd Amendment rights are not trampled upon, and that we exercise our rights often and with proper safety. With individual liberty comes individual responsibility, so let's empower ourselves to fix these issues ourselves.